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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

NFT raffles

After a limited collection is sold out, we will raffle off an NFT among buyers.

This is how it works: 

  • As soon as the collection is sold out, we will start the raffle on the following Sunday

  • Each numbered individual piece represents a winning ticket

  • The drawing will be broadcast LIVE on Twitter or Discord channels

  • The winners have 48 hours to register, otherwise the drawing will be repeated


As soon as the last piece of a limited edition

Once the collection is sold, we will raffle off among the 

numbered individual pieces one or more unique prizes

FibosphereX Raffle Registration Form.png
Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Q3 - Q4 2023 

First limited collection

Our first collection contains a very limited number of individual pieces. The products are produced with the utmost care and in small quantities.  We also offer the option of having personalized orders made by us. 

Sommer 024 Planung


The first special edition comes onto the market. This is a collaboration with the NFT community "The Dabs", which designs and produces these unique pieces with us. 

Q3 - Q4 2024 planning 

Further steps

In summer 2024 we will launch the third collection of our clothing line. Further limited collections and collaborations are planned. 


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